Roller coaters

valtorta s4 - filling machine

The filling machine valtorta s4 is suitable for recycling fillers. The application unit is composed of one application head and one filling head. While the application head applies the lacquer coat on the board, the filling head pushes the filling material deep into the pores by a chromium plated steel roller turning reverse.



HIGH PRECISION APPLICATION HEAD, thanks to movements on high precision linear guides and individual speeds controlled by frequency converters and bevel gear drives.

EASE OF USE, thanks to operator control panel mounted at the machine, doctor blades removeable from the side, lacquer recycling system with double exit points, quick change system for application roller, sliding heads which open to ease the change of the rollers.

MAX. WORKPIECE WIDTH 1300 MM., thanks to increased width of conveyor belt and rollers.

Technical data

FILLING MACHINE valtorta s4  
belt width

1370 mm.

roller width

1500 mm.

working height

900 +/- 20 mm.

panel thickness

3-120 mm.

min. panel length

300 mm.

application roller diameter

245 mm.

standard hardness of the application roller

50 Sh

doctor roller diameter

175 mm.

filling roller diameter

198 mm.

feed speed

6 - 18 m/min (others on request)