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valtorta f1

Roller coater, based on decades of experience and innovation, is optimally included in automatic lines for the application of lacquer onto flat panels such as parquet flooring, flat doors, furniture panels. The machine, thanks to its building...

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valtorta s4 - filling machine

The filling machine valtorta s4 is suitable for recycling fillers. The application unit is composed of one application head and one filling head. While the application head applies the lacquer coat on the board, the filling head pushes the filling...

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valtorta sp - filling machine

In case of difficult filling procedures, it is necessary to use thick fillers, which cannot be recycled. The filling machine valtorta sp with side tightening flanges build a closed filler pot between the rollers. The conveying system with rubberized...

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valtorta rs - reverse

The reverse roller coater valtorta rs is composed of one application head running with the feed and a second application head running reverse for the application of sealers and other coatings in high quantities. The head movements, height adjustment and...

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supernova gls

Roller coater, based on decades of experience and innovation, is specifically engineered for the lacquering of flat glasses. The machine can be equipped with various types of roller according to the requested lacquer amount and to the desired type...

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