Edge coating machines


laccabord - The edge coating system Laccabord is suitable for the application of stains, fillers, base coats and topcoats on edges in the most various shapes. Thanks to a wide range of application, drying and sanding units installed onto the machine in a specific sequence. The desired lacquering process is performed on the panel edge. A particular highlight has to be given to the net belt application unit, whioch easily adapts to any edge shape through profile quick change device, thus achieving the highest flexibility in the applied lacquer layer.



The machine achieves: - the automation of the edge lacquering process - the lacquering onto edges of panels in different size loaded one after the other, without any need of building a homogenous stack. - the lacquering of edges with the most various shapes - the use of fast lacquering cycles with UV materials - relevant reduction of the lacquer waste.

Technical data

laccabord - edge coating machine available in single-sided o r double-sided version

Available units Use
Spraying application unit SPR stain application
Roller application unit RL base coat / top coat application
Belt application unit NST application of fillers / base coats
UV modular units UV hardening
Hot air drying units stain drying
Brush units cleaning / denibbing
Belt sanding units sanding