Application and drying systems for the graphic industry

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FAST DRY - Infrared and hot air drying

When talking about offset machines, today’s high capacity requirements oblige to achieve the drying of inks and traditional lacquers directly on the machines. The ink drying process implies two main equally important aspects. The first main issue is...

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The streamcure system is suitable to be positioned in line with a printing machine or with a roller coater. The streamcure has been engineered to satisfy the production needs of both large size lacquering enterprises and small size paper packaging...

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SLIMCURE - UV modular units - water cooling

When available space is an issue, it is necessary to use UV modular units with limited dimensions, so they can be directly installed in printing machines. Being the units small, the heat dispersion surfaces are limited and it is therefore needed to...

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La nuova gamma di riflettori UV, adatta sia per stampa foglio-foglio che a bobina associa elevata potenza e dimensioni ridotte e elimina la problematica dell’utilizzo dell’acqua per il raffreddamento. Caratteristiche tecniche •...

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