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This small curtain coater, in table execution, is suitable for laboratories. The belt conveying system is in three sections, with adjustable synchronised speed. Two fixed curtain coating heads on board of the machine; each head can be supplied in the...

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VALTORTA - fixed heads

One speed curtain coater available with one or two fixed coating units installed on the basement of the machine. The heads are available in two executions: Pressure head : it generates the curtain by pressing the lacquer through two stainless steel...

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One speed curtain coater available with one or two removeable coating units, The curtain coating units are installed on trolleys and they can easily be extracted to ease cleaning and to shorten lacquer change over time. The heads are...

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Curtain coater in execution suitable for completely automatic lacquering lines with vertical dryers or multi-daylight dryers. It is fitted up with infeed double track belt conveyor and three speeds conveying system. The machine is available...

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